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Akitla Frost HedgeFox by sonamyshadamy123
Akitla Frost HedgeFox
This is Akitla Frost. She is a Hedgehog and an Artic Fox

Base by :iconlouisacbases:

this character belongs to me
Kimmi and Victoria by sonamyshadamy123
Kimmi and Victoria

Kimmi The Bunny and Victoria The Hedgehog

Base by :iconlonewolfisme:   :iconalexandrathewerewolf:
Finding the Light Chapter 21

The End is Near

   Our poor town... The place was a ghost town, a wreck, so bad that i couldn't recognize it. The town was deserted. Broken down houses and cars. It look like World War 3 hit it. Or even a tornado.
   "what happen to our town" said Tommy
   "im not sure." Said Drew "But i bet it has something to do with Lu-"
   "Don't say his name!" Yelled Karlie "can we please just go 3 hours without his name being mention!" Everyone stand there in silence for a few minutes.
   "um okay, new plan" said Tommy "We'll pair up and split up into groups. Kris an Lola, you two go-"
   "Whoa hold on Tommy" Said Drew "You can't pair those two up. Remember? One of them dosent like the other person"
   He meant Kris. And he does have a point. I don't think Kris has ever liked me. He seemed to always gave me the cold shoulder every time I'm near him. I mean, I still like him. Then again, I've had a crush on him since middle school. I just wish I knew why he doesn't like me.
   "Your Right Drew, I forgot about that." Said Tommy, "Alright, Then Kris and Morgan, you two go back to your house see if anyone is still there. Karlie, Felecia, and Lola, Your three head to Lola's' house and check if anyone is still there. While me and Drew, head to the hospital and get Adam. We will all meet back at the food court at the Mall"
   Everyone nod in agreement and headed their own ways. I really did want to pair up with Kris. I just wanted another chance to talk to him alone and find out why he doesn't like me. Maybe I can ask him later.
   Right now, I need to make sure my family is still at home and alive. I hope nothing bad happen to them.

   We headed over to my house. The inside seems to be intact, but the outside was a wreck. We checked everywhere in the house but it seem that no one is home.
   "what do you think happen to your parents Lola?" Felecia ask.
   "im not sure Felecia" I said back to her
   "you don't think our families are missing as well do you?" Morgan ask
   I did want to think that. I didn't even want to believe my parents are gone either. I wanted everything to go back to normal and be able to wake up from this nightmare! I want my mom back, I want my dad back, I want my siblings back and I want my life back!
   "we should probably check our houses as well" said Felecia
   "your right" I said back. We headed to Felecia house and then Karlie house next. As predicted, their house was empty as well.
   No one was in any house. It's as if everyone has vanish off the face of the earth. This day just continues to get scarier and scarier. Once we were done checking all the house around our neighborhood, we headed over to the Mall. Maybe everyone else had better luck then we did.
   "hey guys, I have a question for you" I ask them
   "what is it?" said Felecia
   "does Kris hate me?"
   They were silent for a few minutes
   "no of corse not" said Karlie
   "No I lied, he does hate you" said Karlie. I hung my head down in sadness. "I'm sure he has his reason"
   Felecia crossed her arms and looked at Karlie "We don't know that. Have you ask if Kris hated her!?"
   "Well, no but he did seem like it" said Karlie
   "That doesn't mean anything. Don't assume anything unless you have proof that it is true...."

.....To Be Continued.....
01. My real name:
02. My preferred name:
03. My last name:
04. Take a stab at my middle name:
05. Who am I in love with:
06. Where did we meet:
07. What kind of car do I drive:
08. where do I work:
09. what am I afraid of:
10. Do I smoke:
11. Do I drink:
12. Do I have any siblings:
13. How many:
14. Do I like them:
15. What's one of my favorite things to do:
16. How many piercings do I have:
17. What's my favorite type of music:
18. Am I shy or outgoing:
19. Am I a rebel or do I follow the rules:
20. what's my favorite color:
21. name something I hate:
22. name a talent I have:
23. what kind of sneakers do I wear:
24. do I have any pets:
25. What are their names:
26. Who am I dating right now:
27. how long have I been dating them:
28. what is the color of my room:
29. what is my worst habit:
30. If I were stranded on a desert island, what would I bring:
31. Favorite TV Show:
32. Favorite movie:
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Victoria Miller
United States
I am in high school. i make characters out of my frinds because i have nothing better to do so. yeah umm....oh umm i have blond hair and blue eyes. i do have a youtube account and it is the same username as my deviantart account. so yeah it wont to be to hard to find and i hope you like my pics. bye have a nice day

Current Residence: Lake City
Favourite genre of music: Rock, Country and 80's
MP3 player of choice: Pearl
Wallpaper of choice: Sonic
Skin of choice: Tan
Favourite cartoon character: Amy rose-sonc x
Personal Quote: "shut up"

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